Getting Here

Getting Here

Airport Access 

Ft Myers (most common) - 36 miles
Port Charlotte (must rent a car) - 40 miles 
Sarasota (must rent a car) - 90 miles 
Tampa (must rent a car) - 139 miles

Most people either stop to get their groceries before boarding the ferry or pre-order at one of the grocery stores below. There is one small grocery store on the island for emergency items, but selection and quantity is limited (and prices are high.)  Publix will pre-bag with an electronic pre-order (call for more information.)
Winn Dixie will no longer pre-bag orders. 

Publix Coral Shoals (239-282-5515)
Located at intersection of Pine Island Rd and Burnt Store Rd. There is an 11% order fee and they will provide styrofoam coolers if needed. 

Winn Dixie (239-283-4404)
Located at intersection of Pine Island Rd and Longfellow at Pine Island Crossroads. 

You may want to stop in Matlacha (Pine Island) on the way to North Captiva for some fresh fish.  There are a number of great seafood stores all visible from the street (Andy's seafood is one of them right before the bridge.) Fresh fish can also be ordered when on the island from Boats and Fun 239-472-3230 (800-991-3299)
Airport Transportation

Pine Island Taxi: 888-777-9653

Superior Shuttle: 888-397-9571  (offers a 10% discount if you mention Isle Be There)

~It is suggested to make reservations at least 3 weeks in advance~
Water Taxi Services

Being 3 miles off-shore, North Captiva Island is only accessible by boat or private aircraft (unless you are a very, very good swimmer.). Your transportation to the island will be arranged through North Captiva Island Club at a discounted rate. If you prefer to arrange your own transportation, water taxis listed below are available.

Island Girl Charters (239-633-8142)
Island Girl Charters is a gateway to North Captiva Island. It provides taxi service every other hour between 7:00am and 5:00pm.

Private Water Taxi (239-283-3630)
Reservations are required.